2023 DOIT Scholar Yu Tian standing at the Grand Canyon

As an ISPP Scholar, Yu Tian is appointed with the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology. His work is significant in looking at gaps in STEM/STEAM resources and information gaps between people and resources. Yu shared some thoughts with me about the ISP program, and his work so far.

Why did you apply for the Illini Science Policy Program?

2022 Scholar Cohort

2021 came and went. At times, it felt like if you blinked, you have would miss it. At others, it seemed like time was standing still. Time was such a strange construct. So much of what was going on was navigating a new normal. And for many of us, a new understanding of expectations and how best to manage those expectations.

Allison Wheeler in the field

Above photo: ISP Fellow Allison Wheeler in a soil pit taking VR photos for a STEAM digital curriculum.

ISP Fellow Allison Wheeler is working with the Department of Innovation and Technology Education Group to provide accessible resources in STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) for students, educators, and their families to close the digital divide. Visit www.illinois.gov/doit-steam  to learn more.