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A colorful experiment with Halloween candy

Halloween is here and that means lots and lots of candy! We had many creative ways of getting rid of some of the excess candy in our house, but probably the way the kids liked best (other than getting paid to get rid of it) was Halloween Candy Experiments.  Here is one of our favorites: Skittles® Kaleidoscope For this activity, you need about 30 Skittles®, a white plate and some warm water. Arrange the skittles in a pattern around the outside of the plate in a circle. Make a prediction about...
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Try these spooky STEM activities with your little goblins

I love Halloween! The costumes, the decorations, the candy, the jokes (Why did the ghost starch his sheet? He wanted everyone scared stiff.) – it’s all great!  But this year, why not take some time out from the spooky tricks and sweet treats to include a little learning amongst all the mayhem? Try these scary STEM activities with your little goblins: Puking Pumpkin – Add a little extra mischief to your jack-o-lantern this year. After you’ve carved a spooky face in your pumpkin, mix about ½ c...
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