french fries, corn dog, fair foods

Corn dogs and cotton candy---what trip to the fair would be complete without them? Ask anyone what they enjoy most about the fair and many will say ---THE FOOD!  Pizza on a stick, fried butter, chocolate covered bacon, the list is endless. What is your favorite?  The once a year treat can pack some big calories into your regular diet, so here are a few tips.

eggs in carton and mixing bowl


Eggs! The wonderful protein –cheap, easy to prepare and versatile! You can poach, boil, coddle, bake or fry them. Fold them into an omelet or bake them in a casserole. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack, eggs are a perfect addition to any meal.

Did you know?

variety of berries

What if improving your heart, brain, motor skills, and cancer risk was as simple as eating one thing? Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple but pretty darn close.

sweet potatoes on cutting board

I have a confession. I never liked sweet potatoes. The thought of the sticky sweet marshmallow goo left me feeling a bit nauseous….now, don’t get me wrong. I respect tradition and have always made room on my holiday table for the required side dish. But it was all obligation until…..I discovered savory sweet potatoes.

busy parent

It’s May! And while we envision long springtime days filled with picnics and smiling children….that is often not our reality. May is busy, particularly this year. I’ve heard from many parents and teachers that they are not sure they are going to make it through to June! What with several sport seasons rolled into the last month or so, graduations and end of the year programs it is almost too much!

plate of chicken

January is National Slow Cooker month! How fitting! There is nothing like coming in from the cold to the cozy smell of comfort food cooking unattended on your counter. I have found, over the years, that there is a sweet spot in the timing of slow cookery. If your days necessitate leaving the house for more than 8 hours, then you might have been disappointed with slow cooker results. Cooking times longer than 8 hours often result in flavorless food.

thanksgiving dinner

Did you always bring dessert to the holiday gathering?  Maybe you are not used to preparing a full meal, but this year may be different.  Enjoy the holidays with a new twist. If you are cooking a full meal for the first time – You can do it!