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I was out in area corn and soybean fields recently and the crops look good considering the growing season so far in 2015.

Every corn field shows some signs of nitrogen deficiency and varying levels of foliar diseases. The yield estimates from these fields look to be be good, but there is a lot of variability within each field due to the heavy June rainfall. My concern with this year's corn crop is the quality of the corn stalks and how this might effect the crop's ability to resist lodging. The nitrogen deficiency plus the varying levels of Gray Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Anthracnose diseases present in area fields are leading to weak and diseased stalks.

I did notice Sudden Death Syndrome beginning to show up in a few fields. Farmers who have a field with SDS may be rather disappointed with their yields and they should consider planting a variety with resistance to this disease.