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Creep Feeding 101

Increasing profit is the ultimate goal of any business, and the cattle business is no exception. In effort to maximize profit, cattlemen have to be focused on producing the greatest amount of premium product without sacrificing production efficiency. The ability to produce more pounds of a high quality product results in more income for the producer. Realizing the cow can only provide nutrition to the calf at a certain level, creep feeding can offer additional nutrition to maximize growth and weaning weights. This additional weight looks to be quite valuable in the current and future market.


-Increased weaning weight
-Calves are bunk broke at weaning
-Easier transition and less stress at weaning
-Adds bloom/condition to sale calves
- Compensates for low milking cows
-Corn creep feeds or high-fat co-product creep feeds can initiate marbling/improve carcass quality
-Can reduce calf competition for pasture with cows


-Economics depend on the year
-Lowers future milk production of replacement heifers
-Loss of compensatory gain at weaning
-Can produce fleshy calves that receive price discount
-Labor needed to fill feeders, mix feed, etc.
-Corn creep can cause negative associative effects and reduce fiber digestion

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