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The Cattle Connection

Problems in your pasture

Producers should take some time to scout pastures for poisonous plants and presence of ergot.

Some poisonous plants to be on the lookout for would be:

I have been hearing reports of Ergot and have seen some myself already this year.

Producers will need to scout grasses for the presence of this fungus. To learn more about scouting for Ergot click here.

Producers can mitigate risk of poisonous plants by:

  • Proper weed control in pastures
  • Not overgrazing
  • Clipping pastures
  • Rotational grazing

All of these management strategies will help ensure your cattle are less likely to consume a poisonous plant. Most times cattle prefer immature grass and forage to poisonous plants. Take a ride out through your pastures. Take a look at the cattle and the forage they are eating... it's just good management.