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The Cattle Connection

Designing a Bud Box

It is often said "If you can work cattle together, you can do anything together." We have all had a stressful chuteside experience, but have you investigated ways to better handle your cattle? As you prepare to wean calves, preg-check cows, and give fall booster vaccinations, you should consider looking into the "Bud Box."

The Bud Box is named after Bud Williams, who created the design. He spent much of his life applying a common sense approach to improving cattle handling. His theories and ways of thinking are beginning to make their way onto many cattle seminars around the nation. It is safe to say he was a pioneer in cattle handling and his knowledge and common sense approach is continuing to benefit the beef industry even after his passing.

The Bud Box is a simple design that works off the foundation that cattle like to go back to where they came from. The system does not have to be fancy, expensive, or professionally built. This is the huge draw to me. I have worked cattle through many snake systems that were professionally built and I have worked cattle in corral gate nightmares. After seeing some information on the Bud Box, it was clear that the Bud Box system needs to find a home on more Illinois cattle farms.

Because the Bud Box works off of natural animal behavior, the animal handler needs to be aware and in tune with such subject matter. If the animal handler is unable to develop an understanding of low-stress animal handling, the Bud Box will not work effectively. The more skilled the person handling the cattle, the poorer facility they can get by with…however it sure is best to have a reliable facility.

I have had the pleasure to watch and listen to some of the elite low-stress animal handling experts. Here are some resources I recommend:

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