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Suggested spray schedule for peach trees without fruit

peach trees is an orchard with green leaves

Based on observations and considering results from peach brown rot research in the past three years, the following information is in regards to a spray schedule for peach trees without fruit:

The important diseases:

  • Leaf curl: A serious leaf disease, regardless of fruit crop.
  • Bacterial spot: A serious leaf disease, with or without fruit.
  • Powdery mildew: Some shoot infections may occur. Powdery mildew is more serious problem on fruits.
  • Brown rot: If there is no fruit, it should not be a serious problem in Illinois.

Suggested sprays:

  • Dormant stage: Chlorothalonil (i.e., Bravo Weather Stik) + Copper Sulfate (or Kocide-300) – with full rates. This is to control leaf curl disease.
  • From pink stage to full bloom: Chlorothalonil (i.e., Bravo Weather Stik – medium to full rate) +  [Kocide-3000 (or another copper compound) at 1 – ½ lb metallic copper/A)] + Inspire Super (full rate), at 7-day intervals. This is for bacterial spot and powdery mildew. Inspire Super controls powdery mildew and is needed for every other spray (14-day intervals).
  • Petal fall - shuck-split: [Kocide-300 (or another copper compound), at 0.5 – 0.20 metallic copper/A] + Mycoshield (12 oz/A). This spray is for controlling bacterial spot. Fontelis can be added to the spray suspension, if there is powdery mildew developing on the shoots.
  • Shuck-split to the middle of July: Mycoshield (12 oz/A) + 0.20 - 0.1 lb metallic copper/A (Kocide-3000 or another copper compound). 

Note on metallic copper: 65% of Kocide-3000 is metallic copper; Each gallon of Cueva contains 0.16 lb metallic copper. So, amount of copper compound can be calculated based on the available metallic copper (check the label).