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map of midwest showing gradients of blue to represent number of chilling units

Chilling requirements for plants

With climate change, many growers are concerned about plants receiving enough cold to be fruitful the next year. Endodormancy, a period of rest, is a term used when plant buds remain dormant due to some internal physiological block, even when external growing conditions are conducive to growth. A...
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spring oats and crimson clover cover crops growing in high tunnel

Dixon Springs Update: Cover crops established in high tunnel

The cover crops, spring oats and crimson clover, seeded on October 4 in our “treatment” high tunnel have established very well. The spring oat crop is expected to winter kill and the crimson clover will continue to grow until termination in the spring. The outside temperature reached an overnight...
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tomato plants

New mobile resource for commercial vegetable production

Just like growers who attend winter meetings to increase their knowledge and skills, Extension educators are continuously learning new or updated information to provide current, relevant research-based information to individuals, families, and groups that we serve. I recently attended the 2023...
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