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3 ways to spread kindness this May Day

Title on photo of pink flowers

There are many customs and traditions surrounding May Day going back to the Roman era, from decorating a May Pole to collecting cuttings from flowering trees. However, a favorite in our family is delivering May Day baskets to neighbors and friends.  We would make a paper basket and fill it with flowers. Then off to the neighbors to hang the basket, knock on the door and hide while we watched to see them find their surprise!  Do you have a neighbor or friend that might be cheered up with a basket of May flowers? Here are three ways you could spread some cheer this May Day:

  • Make a paper basket and fill with tulips or other flowers from your yard or from the store
  • Create your own paper flowers and leave a special note with them
  • If you have friends or family far away, e-mail a photo of you with your favorite flower or mail them a paper flower and note

This is a great community service project for a 4-H club or organization as well.  For more information and links to ideas on how to make paper flowers and baskets, go to Minnesota 4-H’s May Day service project.


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