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Extension Snapshots

What I Do and Why It Matters - Katharine Girone

three 4-H staff members in group photo

Katharine Girone, Tazewell 4-H Program Coordinator

“I collaborate with a group of dedicated 4-H volunteers and partners to inspire youth to develop their fullest potential through positive youth development opportunities in Tazewell County. This role gives me the chance to give back to the organization that shaped me into the individual I am today.”

 Katharine has been the Tazewell 4-H Program Coordinator for the Fulton-Mason-Peoria-Tazewell Unit since June 2016. She began her Illinois Extension career in December 2015.


  • B.S. from University of Illinois
  • M.S. (in progress) through University of Illinois


  • Illinois State 4-H Summer Intern
  • Tazewell Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program—Education Instructor
  • 4-H Program Coordinator, Tazewell County


  • 10 year 4-H member of Marshall-Putnam Counties
  • 5 year member of Marshall-Putnam 4-H Federation
  • 2 year member of Marshall-Putnam 4-H Ambassadors
  • Illinois State 4-H Summer 2012 Intern
  • Marshall-Putnam 4-H Show Judge
  • Illinois State Fair 4-H Department Assistant


“I grew up on the fifth generation family farm, so agriculture is one of my passions. Offering Embryology in the Classroom has been such a joy! The teachers incubate chicks in their classrooms, and in return, the youth gain scientific skills, learn responsibilities, and obtain exposure to agriculture.

As a former 4-Her, I see everyday the value alumni can have on a 4-H program. I love being able to recruit fellow 4-H alumni to  volunteer at Tazewell’s 4-H Show. “County-lines” don’t matter; it is simply a chance to encourage and meet the new faces of 4-H and give back to an organization that gave them so much.”



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