In this podcast episode, Kathy, Sasha, and I looked back on our first year of podcasting. We launched the Family Financial Feuds podcast, November 2018 and since then, we have covered some great topics. Below are brief overviews of each episode, listen in for more information and let us know how we are doing!


November 2018: Introduction

  • Welcome to the Family Financial Feuds podcast! New from Consumer Economics educators, University of Illinois Extension


December 2018: To Show or Not To Show

  • Credit scores and credit reports, communicating with our partners, credit management, credit mistakes, credit lessons or triumphs


January 2019: Who We Are with Money

  • Understanding our money personalities, influences on our financial behaviors, our money scripts, and how we understand and address disordered financial behaviors


February 2019: Goals

  • The importance of setting financial goals, strategies for creating realistic financial goals (e.g., SMART)


March 2019: Money Conversations with Your Kids

  • Introducing financial concepts to children early to demystify money management and support healthy financial behaviors


April 2019: Should I Get a Pet?

  • The cost of having pets, pet insurance, caring for older animals, pet resources


May 2019: When Grandpa Gets Exploited

  • Financial exploitation of older adults continues to grow, the relationship between aging and exploitation, ways to safeguard against financial scams


June 2019: Elbow Room – Multigenerational Households

  • The pros and cons of living in multi-generational households, what older generations should consider about their benefits, caregiver needs, and responsibilities. How families manage care and income needs through the exchange of resources


July 2019: I’ve Got the Power

  • Selecting a POA to act on your behalf, handle your private affairs, and legal matters, making financial management arrangements for your future


August 2019: Who Should Pay for College?

  • Student loans debt is among the top three highest consumer debt, the decision about who and how you should pay for college isn’t always easy


September 2019: Too Smart for Our Own Good?

  • Smart mobile devices offer access and convenience, popularity of mobile devices, how young is too young, what decisions do household/family members make about the type of devices, what are consumers willing to pay, status versus needs


October 2019: You Check All My Subscription Boxes!

  • Curated interests, choosing boxes, limiting the number of boxes, wants versus needs, convenience, benefits, challenges


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