Mitigating Storm Tree Damage Workshop at Eureka Library

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Mitigating Winter Damage to Trees and Woody Shrubs workshop

Please join the University of Illinois Extension Woodford County Master Gardeners for a hands-on workshop titled Mitigating Winter Damage to Trees and Woody Shrubs on Tuesday, March 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the Eureka Public Library. Illinois State University's Patrick Murphy will lead this workshop just in time for you to learn the skills to prune and repair your landscape trees like a professional.

Patrick is a horticulturist and curator of the Fell Arboretum on Illinois State University's campus. The arboretum boasts 154 different species of trees. Patrick will demonstrate correct methods of pruning, the tools of the trade and tips for when to prune different plants.

His enthusiasm along with the timeliness of the topic will make this workshop educational and fun. Participants will have the opportunity to prune the landscape at the library in order to reinforce what they have learned.

Dormant pruning, tree risk assessment and scouting techniques will be included in workshop content. Bring your favorite pruners and some safety glasses and we will gain greater understanding of the care practices when pruning to reduce and prevent winter damage. If you do not have these tools, some will be provided by the Woodford County Master Gardeners.

The workshop is free to the public, but registration is required. Please call the library at (309) 467-2922 to register.

Horticulturist encourage proper pruning to not only improve the formality of the tree but also to prevent storm damage and improve the health of the tree. If you have ever felt confused about pruning, then this is the workshop for you. Participants will leave with the pruning skills to go home and give their landscaping the proper attention.

Ten Facts About Pruning:

  1. For most trees, pruning is done while the tree is dormant.
  2. Early blooming shrubs like forsythia and lilac should be pruned after flowering.
  3. Late blooming shrubs like viburnum and hydrangea should be pruned in early spring.
  4. Proper pruning should start when the tree is young.
  5. Prune a little each year. Too much pruning causes stress and unsightly growth.
  6. Prune branches that are too close to each other or rubbing.
  7. Branches that have less than a 90 degree angle are weaker.
  8. Having to prune too much is usually the result of a wrong plant in the wrong place.
  9. A tree will never grow out of being topped.

10. Identify one central leader and cut out the competition.