Make a seed ball

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Spread love and beautiful flowers! Mix clay, soil, and seeds to create a ball to easily share or you’re your own flowers. Find an area in your garden that could use some color. Toss or place the seed ball directly onto the bare soil. As it is watered (either by hand or by rain) the clay will break down and the seeds will germinate and grow when conditions are just right!


  • Air-dry clay

  • Potting soil

  • Seeds (easy to grow, annuals, or native varieties)


1. Scoop one tablespoon of clay and roll it into a ball. Work the clay between your hand to soften it.

2. Flatten the clay on a flat surface or between your hands.

3. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of potting soil in the middle, and fold the clay around the soil. Mix the soil into the clay. (Kids say it looks like cookies & cream!)

4. Flatten clay/soil mixture and sprinkle a pinch of seeds in the middle and fold the clay/soil around the seeds. Mix seeds into the clay so seeds are evenly dispersed throughout the mixture.

5. Roll mixture into a ball.

6. Let air dry for a few days or place it outside on bare soil.

7. Water (either rain or hand-watering) will wash away the clay. Once the environment is favorable, the seeds will germinate and grow!