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Holiday Cocktails with a Healthy Twist

Click on the image above to see healthy twists to some classic drink combinations and how many calories are saved by doing so.

Beverages are a source of extra calories, especially around the holiday season and many people don't realize that alcohol itself has calories (7 per gram). Adding mixers such as soda, syrup, cream and juice can really pile on those calories and before you know it you are consuming more calories than what your meal provides. If you are doing well to watch what you EAT, then don't lose balance with those holiday libations!

Sometimes it only takes minor modifications to turn your favorite holiday drink into a healthier option that you can feel good about.


Want more?! Learn how to make homemade grenadine with pictures of each step in my post on pomegranates. Not only are pomegranates nutritious they are great for adding a beautiful red hue to your favorite holiday drink!








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