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Health Advice from Local Men (pt. 1)

June is Men's Health Month and all month long I'll be sharing some insight from local men on their views of health and how they maintain healthy minds and bodies. I interviewed men of different ages but you'll notice there are common healthy habits among them all.

First up this month is: Eli Mayfield

Age range: 18-25

Place of Employment: Greatest Grains

Q1: On a scale from 1-10 (10 being top priority), how would you rate health and wellness as a priority?

A: I would rate the importance of my health and wellness as between an 8-9. Although I try to be very conscious with the things I put in my body, I give myself leeway sometimes.

Q2: If asked to describe complete well-being, what would be your definition?

A: Healthy mind first, then healthy body, and lastly healthy and productive relationships. I believe all 3 of these things can become interdependent on one another. Balance is key with every aspect of life. Not too much, not too little.

Q3: Where do you go to get reliable health information?

A: Health food stores, credible online resources, and word of mouth between other like-minded friends.

Q4: What are some things you do currently to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: Reduction of meat in diet; Increase consumption of leafy greens and fresh vegetables; Plant-based proteins and healthy fats; Exercising frequently; Probiotics and healthy bacteria.

Q5: If you could give a piece of health advice to other men in your age range, what would it be?

A: Eat more vegetables, stop eating processed foods, and start cooking for yourself. Don't be afraid to turn off the T.V. and get lost in something else.

Q6: What about to your younger self?

A: Learn more; eat more diverse foods at a younger age. Get to know your body; don't let anyone tell you what is best for you to eat.

Q7: Any other thoughts on the matter?

A: Keep a positive attitude! Meditation, yoga, and other alternative activities can provide great relief from the modern day hustle and bustle!


Thank you to Eli for sharing some great advice! Stay tuned for more on men's health next Wednesday.