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Health Advice from Local Men (pt. 3)

June is Men's Health Month and all month long I'll be sharing some insight from local men on their views of health and how they maintain healthy minds and bodies. I interviewed men of different ages but you'll notice there are common healthy habits among them all.

Our 3rd interviewee this month is: Peter Fox Age range: 34-41 Occupation: Chiropractor

Q1: On a scale from 1-10 (10 being top priority), how would you rate health and wellness as a priority?

A: 10

Q2: If asked to describe complete well-being, what would be your definition?

A: The experience of there being no gap between my desire to experience something and the physical ability to do so.

Q3: Where do you go to get reliable health information?

A: I am often my first source since it is my profession. The Ancestral Health Society is a favorite. I also follow individuals who seek out scientific research on health topics and provide a good synopsis of the info. Or people who have a track record of producing results.

Q4: What are some things you do currently to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: Get good sleep, drink lots of water, eat vegetables, exercise daily by walking or cycling, eat grass fed meats or wild caught fish, spend time with good people.

Q5: If you could give a piece of health advice to other men in your age range, what would it be?

A: Stop drinking and get some sleep is number one. Find someone to help shorten your learning curve if you are just getting into healthy living is the other. Guys my age don't have time to waste, the last critical years when massive performance gains are still fairly easy, if you go about things with a plan.

Q6: What about to your younger self?

A: Get into an ancestral health program now.

Q7: Any other thoughts on the matter?

A: Health is something you create with good choices applied consistently over time.


Thank you to Peter for sharing some great advice! Stay tuned for more on men's health next Wednesday when we hear from Chad Summers.

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