Managing Stress During Peak Seasons

Farming Risks

The only certainty during spring planting is uncertainty. Farmers face many challenge: too much rain, too little rain, long hours, machinery breakdowns. 

Most farm injuries occur during the spring and the fall. Stress and mental health conditions are risk factors for agricultural injury. Managing stress is an important component to injury prevention, health, and safety.

Josie Rudolphi, University of Illinois Extension specialist, will discuss the signs and symptoms of stress and offer methods to cope with the season's stressors. Rudolphi says using the four A's: avoid, adapt, alter, and accept, may help farmers manage the stress of long hours and unpredictability of planting season.

The free online webinar begins at noon April 1. Register online.

If you will need an accommodation in order to participate, please email Josie Rudolphi. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs.