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Geothermal Energy: The Heating and Cooling Renewable Option | Everyday Environment

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Geothermal Energy: The Heating and Cooling of Renewable Energy | May 12 @ 1 PM

Geothermal energy represents another method of using solar energy. The sun heats the earth’s surface, and geothermal systems harvest this energy to heat buildings, equipment, and livestock. During the summer, the systems cool buildings by transferring the heat to the earth. Join Jay Solomon for a discussion of this often overlooked renewable energy. He will focus on new research and opportunities for use in Illinois. Presenter: Jay Solomon

If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact Erin Garrett at Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet access needs. 


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The Everyday Environment Webinar Series is offered by University of Illinois Extension's Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy Team, and focuses on a different environmental topic each month. These webinars will both provide new information on natural resources and help you learn how to make small changes in your lifestyle to have a positive impact on the environment. There is never a shortage of new things to learn about your everyday environment! 

The schedule of webinars is below and registration is free. Please register for each individual webinar you are interested in attending at their respective registration link. Webinars are held on the second Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. CT. Each webinar is recorded and posted to University of Illinois Extension’s YouTube channel.


Illinois Archaeology and Our Natural Resources | April 14 @ 1 PM

Archaeology isn’t just about finding arrowheads. People have lived in Illinois for over 15,000 years and have used the natural resources the state has to offer in different ways through time. Archaeologists draw on many fields in natural resource sciences to understand the people of the past and how they lived. Michelle Berg Vogel, Extension natural resources program coordinator,  will give a brief overview of Illinois prehistory and discuss how archaeology informs and is formed by research in the natural resources. Presenter: Michelle Berg Vogel


The Conundrum of Common Names | June 9 @ 1 PM

While common names are easy to remember and helpful in describing plants, they often lead to confusion. We’ve all heard the phrase “you say tomayto, I say tomahto,” but some plants have completely different common names: you say marestail, your friend says coltstail, and I say horseweed! Common names can also be misleading when they include the word “weed” in them, since people’s perceptions of weeds vary greatly. Latin names, on the other hand, are assigned to a single species and follow a naming convention. For gardeners and plant enthusiasts, understanding Latin names is a very useful skill. We’ll explore the basics of Latin naming and discuss its importance. We’ll use examples of plants with many common names, different plants that share common names, and plants named “weeds” to illustrate our message. Presenter: Erin Garrett