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Investing Risks and Rewards | Get Savvy

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Investing Risks and Rewards | February 8, 2023

Maybe you've heard that investing is a consumer's "best bet against inflation" over the long term, but you've likely also heard of people losing everything in the stock market. We're taking the time to name and explain some of the risks and rewards of investing. Join us for this free webinar to empower your investing knowledge! NOTE: This webinar is educational and will not offer individual investment advice.

Watch Investing Basics and the Steps to Investing recordings for additional information before attending this webinar.

Online registration is required. If a reasonable accommodation is needed to participate, or for more information, contact Camaya Wallace Bechard at Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time for meeting access needs. 

Series presented by co-hosts: University of Illinois Extension, University of Illinois Student Money Management Center, UIC Entrepreneurial Support Program, Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and Illinois Department of Insurance.

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Inflation: When Prices Rise | September 28, 2022

We have been hearing a lot about inflation in the media lately, and you may have noticed its impact on your wallet. Want to learn about how inflation impacts consumers and what contributes to its fluctuation? Join us to learn what it means and how you can ward off some of the short- and long-term impacts of inflation.

Side Hustles and Small Businesses | October 26, 2022

Are you thinking about starting a side hustle or small business? Explore the world of entrepreneurship and what it takes to get started. We'll cover the basics of small business and why you may want to explore ways to diversify your income.

Build Credit to Your Advantage | November 9, 2022

Credit can help you obtain the things that matter to you. However, there are often conflicting messages and feelings around credit. Join us to learn about techniques that support positive credit behaviors. We also will cover your responsibilities as a borrower and ways to build a healthy credit history.

Spend Less, Travel More | December 7, 2022

Travel can have different meanings for us. For some, it is relaxing on a beach after finally taking a break from everyday responsibilities; for others, it's finding a great campground/space in their favorite park. Whatever your motivation for travel, saving for your trip can be a challenge. This webinar will cover ways to develop your travel spending plan, saving tips, and suggestions for making your next adventure more financially feasible.

Memes and Money: What are the Facts? | January 25, 2023

Information on how to manage your finances is readily available from various places - friends, family, social media influencers, ads, popular media, and more. How do you discern myth from fact? How do you identify a funny money meme from a helpful financial tip? Learn ways to navigate financial tips online to avoid potential missteps.

How Your Spending Can Change the World | March 29, 2023

Do you want to ensure that your spending is ethical and positively impacts the world? Is being mindful about where your money goes important to you? This webinar provides the tools to think critically about your consumption. Learn how to align your financial behaviors with your values and goals.

Health Insurance Dissected | April 12, 2023

Premiums, deductibles, co-payments, and other out-of-pocket health costs all add up. Choosing your health insurance plan wisely can make a big difference in your overall costs. Learn savvy strategies in this webinar on health insurance.

Student Loan Management | May 3, 2023

Regardless of where you are in your student loan journey, there are many things to remember when managing those loans, from application to pay-off (or forgiveness). Join to learn the terms, tips, and tools to make managing your education debt easier.

Back to Repayment | Date TBD

Session date pending confirmed expiry of federal student loan payment pause

For over two years, interest and payments on federal student loans have been suspended. Once this suspension ends, we'll be hosting a webinar exploring how to handle this transition and what it means to manage your student loans after an unprecedented pause on federal student loan repayment.

Register for the session to receive updates on this webinar's schedule and to receive a link to the session’s recorded video, which will be sent to those who indicate interest on the registration form.