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Tornado Trends | Everyday Environment

A tornado in a field
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Tornado Trends

In the Midwest, talk of tornadoes seems to swirl frequently. Are tornadoes really turning up more often these days? Tune in to get the lowdown on tornadoes, twister myths and facts, and tornado trends in the United States.

Presenter: Duane Friend, State Master Naturalist and Climate Change Specialist

If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact Erin Garrett at Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet access needs.

About the Everyday Environment Series

The Everyday Environment Webinar Series focuses on a different environmental topic each month. These webinars provide new information on natural resources and help you learn how to make small changes in your lifestyle to have a positive impact on the environment. There is never a shortage of new things to learn about your everyday environment. Webinars are held on the second Thursday of the month at 1 PM.

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Maple Syrup: From History to Harvest | 1 PM January 12

When the sun starts to feel warm again, near the end of the winter, there is a natural phenomenon so amazing it could be considered magical. Maple syrup season begins when temperatures are above freezing during the day and drop below freezing at night. This is a limited and precious time for those who love real maple syrup. Explore the history and lore of maple syrup, learn how to tap your own trees, and discover best practices of DIY syrup making.

Presenter: Peggy Doty, Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy Educator

Tricky Pollinator Questions and Answers | 1 PM March 9

Are my annual plants “junk food” for bees? Can I help pollinators by not mowing my lawn? How can I help pollinators thrive if I don’t have a garden? This presentation will explore pollinator questions that have nuanced, uncertain, or controversial answers. Learn what the latest science has to say about some of your most challenging questions. 

Presenter: Brodie Dunn, State Pollinator Coordinator and Extension Specialist