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Reduce Flooding & Water Pollution with Rain Gardens and Native Plants

Everyday Environment Webinars
rain puddles around the base of a tree trunk
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Improve local water quality naturally

Rain gardens and native plants incorporated into home and business landscapes can help to reduce localized flooding, improve local water quality, provide habitat for wildlife, and much more. Learn how to consider natural options to handle rain runoff and walk through the recent renovation of the Red Oak Rain Garden, one of the premier rain gardens in Illinois that helps to inform outreach by Illinois Extension.

Presenter: Eliana Brown, Water Quality and Stormwater Specialist

About the Everyday Environment Webinar Series

Build your environmental literacy and learn how to embrace sustainable practices in your life with Everyday Environment webinars, a free online series led by University of Illinois Extension's natural resources, environment, and energy experts. Each month discover something exciting about the natural resources surrounding us with a new environmental topic each month and learn how to make small changes in your lifestyle to have a positive impact on the environment. There is never a shortage of new things to learn about your everyday environment! 

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Flatwater Kayaking | 1:00 PM June 8

The slower pace of paddling allows us to see and notice the intricate natural delights of our aquatic ecosystems. The feeling of floating along a peaceful water landscape relaxes our mind. Flatwater kayaking is becoming an increasingly popular means of outdoor recreation. Discover the health benefits of nature kayaking, learn about the dynamics of wetland, stream, and river systems, and gain introductory kayaking tips to help you get started.

Presenter: Amy Lefringhouse, Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy Educator

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