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Brodie Dunn

Staff Photo of Brodie Dunn
Extension Outreach Associate, Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy

National Soybean Research Center | M/C 046 1101 West Peabody Drive Urbana IL 61801

(217) 333-5983
Program Areas
Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy

As an Extension Outreach Associate with University of Illinois, Brodie Dunn specializes in biodiversity and pollinators as part of the Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy team. Brodie creates state-level content on Illinois wildlife, especially native pollinators, native plants, and migratory birds. He is the host of the Voice of the Wild podcast.

Brodie coordinates several projects, including the creation of pollinator and wildlife-friendly municipal code guidance, the development of expertise and programming on the Endangered Species Act, and the development of a robust avian program at Extension.

Brodie has delivered presentations for the Everyday Environment series, the Clean Water Conservation series, and contributed to the Illinois Pollinators website, insects and wildlife. He has also contributed to the I-Pollinate citizen science initiative. Brodie also contributes to efforts to secure grants and grow programming in response to statewide needs.

Brodie has a M.S. in Crop Science and a B.S. in Environmental Sustainability, both from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Brodie has worked in the entomological field for a decade. He has been a birder since 2015 and served in volunteer leadership roles at the Champaign County Audubon Society from 2016-20, including as president. He has an active personal interest in writing, botany, and urban sustainability. When he isn’t birding with friends or writing, you’ll find him tending to his native plant aquarium, orchids, and cacti.