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Over the Garden Fence 2024

cicada on leaf

Cicadas are coming!

With all the media frenzy around this year’s upcoming cicada emergence, what can we really expect?  Let Extension help you separate fact from fiction. Why do they live so long? Cicada larva (or grubs) spend most of their life underground, feeding on tree roots.  Depending on the species, this can...
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humming bird

Hummingbirds are on the move

Every spring, I look forward to the return of the hummingbirds. Their aerial antics around the feeder, zooming by with iridescent flashes of green, red, and white, chasing each other with the precision of a tiny fighter jet – they always brighten my day. When will they return and, more importantly...
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reddish colored worms making compost

Turn trash to treasure with composting

At its core, composting is recycling organic matter into nutrient-rich soil.  Plants and other vegetative matter are broken down by decomposers such as insects, worms, fungi, and bacteria, making the nutrients they contain available to other growing things.  It also helps to improve the physical,...
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recycled jugs and plastic bottles filled with soil and covered in snow

How to try winter sowing

Winter is a time to stow away your gardening tools, put your gardens to bed, pack away your gloves and dream of warmer weather, counting down the days until you can start planting again…or is it?  What if I told you that now is the perfect time to not just plan your gardens (especially if you’re...
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