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bluebell flowers

Plants that are made for the shade

Many people struggle to grow plants in the shade. I’ve often heard, “Nothing will grow there!” Never fear, though, there’s a plant for every space. Learn your conditions You wouldn’t put a fish in the desert and expect it to survive. Plants, too, have preferred environments. A...
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Want continuous blooms in your yard?

How do you get a flower garden to be in bloom all summer or even longer? The simple answer is – by planning for it. Know your space Even if you do not have that long, deep bed seen in the gardening books or on Pinterest, you can accomplish your flowering goals. When beds are big and deep, you...
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Ordering seeds from garden catalogs

January begins the annual flight of vegetable, flower, and fruit tree catalogs to your mailbox (or your email inbox). Depending on your level of gardening, the catalogs may arrive frequently and in mass. It used to be you received a...
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Late fall yard tasks - from mower to snowblower

Sometimes life gets in the way of doing things on time, especially in the yard, and even if we know better. This past gardening season for homeowners may have had a way of pushing those garden activities back since our year has been so different in so many ways. The weather pattern is most likely...
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Top 5 early summer topics for gardeners

Master Gardener Help Desk emails have really been different this past two weeks. Our early spring challenges have left and along came the first of our summer concerns in the landscape and vegetable beds. The list turned into more than a column’s worth, so going to hit the big ones this week:...
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What is springing up?

Spring is greening from the ground up. The thunderstorm with lighting last week jump started the lawns and turned them green just about overnight. Still, for some lawns, it may be awhile before you need to bring out the mower....
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