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watering can sprinkling water on red flowers

Summer garden tips for watering plants

Summer is in full swing, even if we still have to break out the light jackets in the evenings.  It’s so nice to see my flower beds really starting to hit their stride.  The first coreopsis is peeking out with the promise of a spectacular show in a week or two.  The coneflower heads are showing the...
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Northern Illinois drought continues into fall

Are we still in droughty conditions here in northern Illinois? As of October 5 – the day before we started to get all the rain – we sure were. Are we good now? We are better off, but not “out of the woods.” The rains we got were most welcome, yet the drought monitoring sites still show DuPage,...
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standing water in grassy lawn area

Repairing water damaged lawns

Any homeowner who has suffered from flood waters in the yard will find getting the lawn back can take some time. Several factors impact the amount of damage and the recovery, including what kind of grass, what season, and how long the area stayed flooded. Temperature and tolerance Water...
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Be wise when watering

Water is a critical component of a successful garden, but are we watering wisely? There are steps we can take to make sure our plants have enough water while keeping our efforts...
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Watering tips for hot weather

The hot, dry weather we have been getting – and will continue to get – changes how we are going to water the home landscape. Best management practices, or BMP, includes more than just watering (but water is so key to plant survival) and more than just your vegetable plants. Tips for...
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