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Mental Health

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Embrace the end of the year compassionately

As we approach mid-December, you may feel the hustle and bustle of the season weighing you down. For some, it may be the stress of extra social engagements; others might be feeling the financial pinch of purchasing gifts; many can relate to the added responsibilities of wrapping up commitments...
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Five tips for creating powerful affirmations

Often when I talk to adults about self-care the conversation leads to changes people want to make in their life. These changes may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. This seems natural as taking the time to recognize where we do and don’t take care of ourselves builds self-awareness and...
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Take time for self-care during the holidays

The start of the holiday season prompts us to be grateful and reflect on the meaning of celebrations, traditions, and life. Regardless of which holidays you observe, the season also comes with an abundance of tasks and expectations. Few of us have escaped unscathed from the challenges that we’ve...
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Ease your child's stress about leaving for college

The summer between high school graduation and freshman year of college is cause for excitement and a feeling of pride. There are many celebratory events to attend and possibly even a college orientation. While it is a milestone that is filled with enthusiasm, it can also take a toll on the student’...
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Taking steps to support our mental health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health refers to our state of mind and includes emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. Our mental health influences how we feel, think and act which can fluctuate over time and with stress. Supporting our physical health, thought patterns, and...
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Fence with signs saying Don't Give Up, You are not Alone, You Matter

Everyone's Mental Health Matters

When most people think of health, more than likely they think of it in the physical sense. Questions that normally come to mind include - Why do I feel sick? What part of my body hurts? Did I pull a muscle? Why is my stomach upset? Are the results to my blood work or recent screenings normal? Well...
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Make 2021 your year

The start of a new year is often the time when we consider making change in our lives. Whether you call think in terms of resolutions, goals or intentions, the question remains – how can I be a successful change agent? Psychologists who study behavior change provide the following suggestions....
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