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How much do you know about climate? Take the quiz!

Clear photo globe sitting on rock edge reflecting earth, water, and nature scenes.

How much do you know about climate?

Like the weather, let's change it up. It's All About Weather quiz time! 10 questions to test your knowledge of anything and everything climate. From greenhouse gas emissions to warming effects, how much do you already know? Read the questions and see what you know. Good luck!

  1. In what century were the processes that created the greenhouse effect discovered?
  2. What greenhouse gas is most responsible for transferring heat to the atmosphere?
  3. Which one of the four seasons has been most affected by climate change in the Midwest? (Hint- Frankie Valli is not correct)
  4. Out of the 38 largest cities in the U.S., how many are on track to achieve greenhouse gas reductions by 2050, meeting global benchmarks?
  5. What country currently emits the most carbon dioxide per person?
  6. Solar energy travels through what medium without heating it very much?
  7. What is added to climate predictions that are not part of daily weather forecasts?
  8. The sun transmits ________ wavelengths to Earth, while the Earth radiates _________ wavelengths back to space.
  9. What is the name of the type of effect that causes cities to be warmer than surrounding areas, especially at night?
  10. How much energy from the sun is kept by the Earth?

Look for answers to the quiz and more on these topics in the July edition of the All About Weather blog.

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MEET THE AUTHOR: Duane Friend is the Illinois Master Naturalist Coordinator and Climate Specialist with University of Illinois Extension, serving the organization in many roles since 1993. Duane provides information and educational programs to adult and youth audiences in the areas of soil quality, weather and climate, energy conservation, and disaster preparedness. These programs provide practical solutions for families, farms, and communities.  He assists families in creating a household emergency plan, farmers with the implementation of soil management and conservation practices, and local government officials and business owners with energy conservation techniques.