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Make Yourself Count

When you were a young child, did you ever have a hard time getting others to listen to you or wanting your voice to be heard around the dinner table or at a family party? Have you ever tried making a point at a gathering or meeting only to be talked over? There are many instances where you might have wanted your voice to be heard and struggled to accomplish this. Perhaps it felt that you did not matter or that you did not count. Well, as you may know, every ten years we are asked to be counted. The US Census is trying to count everyone who lives in the United States because we all matter. Not only does the 2020 census determine each state’s congressional representation at the national level but the census helps inform how funding will be allocated to communities for vital services and programs such as schools, parks, fire departments, health care, road construction, and disaster relief. Data will also help researchers, business owners, and policymakers make crucial decisions that affect communities. All this is a significant aspect of public health. Each of these affects the health of a community. Your responses will matter for the next ten years. If you have already responded to the census, thank you! Encourage your loved ones to do so too. If you have not responded yet, please take the time to complete the census today and be counted.