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Make your own snow day

Snow day info graphic

Is February making you feel gloomy or cooped-up? Take a snow day! You don’t have to have the day off work or school to have some wintery fun. Here are a few ideas to lift your spirits!

  • Play Tic-Tac-Snow: Draw a grid on fresh snow, and use pinecones and pine needles to create X’s and O’s.
  • Make your own sun catchers: Arrange natural objects in a shallow dish, cover them with water, and set it outside to freeze. Soon, you’ll have a beautiful decoration made of ice and natural colors!
  • Paint the snow: Grab a paintbrush and some watercolors – or just food coloring in water – and us the snow as a blank canvas.
  • Make snow taffy: Pour boiling maple syrup onto fresh, clean snow for delicious maple candy. (Be sure to use pure maple syrup that has reached 235° F.)