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Connection Corner

3 things to take time to do as you graduate

infographic with graduation cap and stack of books

Those of you graduating in 2021 have achieved so much! You have learned to adjust your way of learning during a pandemic, found creative solutions to obstacles and challenges, and developed innovative ways to support and encourage each other. That’s a lot! 

In 4-H, we often talk about the three experiential learning steps: do, reflect, apply. These steps also apply to graduates who are finishing up one stage of their learning.  So, as you graduate, it is important to take time to do three important things:

  • Celebrate / Do - The celebrations may look different than you imagined, but still find a way to celebrate your successes with friends and family. You have done a lot to get where you are. Enjoy your favorite meal, do one of your favorite things together as a family, talk to family members about their graduations and first jobs.
  • Reflect – Spend a little time reflecting on how you adapted, what you overcame, and what you learned about yourself. Make a journal or photo collage about your graduation and school experience.
  • Plan for the Future / Apply - Think about what you have learned about yourself and what you want to carry on into your future experiences and also things you would do differently. If there are things you wish you had done in school, think of ways you could make those happen in your future.


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