• Thoroughly clean tools, shoes, and vehicles when moving from one site to another.
  • Only purchase compost, mulch, or other organic matter that has been heated to appropriate temperatures and duration to reduce the spread of pathogens, insects, and weeds. Jumping worm egg casings do not survive temperatures over 104°F
  • Remove adult jumping worms.  Place adults in a plastic bag and leave in the sun at least 10 minutes. Dispose of the bag in the trash.
  • Remove soil from all plants before transporting them
  • Wash roots by completely submerging plant roots in water and washing away remaining soil.  Water is enough to remove soil and other materials from the roots.
  • Buy bare-root plants when possible.
  • Do Not buy jumping worms for bait, vermicomposting, or gardens.
  • Follow Plant Sharing Best Practices

Learn more about jumping worms in this blog post.


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