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Branching Out: Launch your book journey into the world of trees

tree with sunshine coming through the leaves

Are you curious about trees, their hidden stories, their ecological significance, and how they shape our world? If so, join us as we start our 2024 book study. 

We're excited to announce a deep dive into the world of trees through a reading series. This journey will take us through six books, each offering unique perspectives on different aspects of trees. 

2024 Book List: 

Share your insights and discoveries: 

  • Join our Facebook groupto discuss your thoughts, ask questions, and share learning experiences with fellow bookworms. 
  • Engage in interactive discussions on website. Share interpretations, create reading guides, and participate in polls. 
  • Connect with others in virtual meetings (dates and times TBA) to engage in deeper discussions. 

Why participate? 

  • Enhance your appreciation for trees and their role in our environment. 
  • Gain deeper knowledge about tree biology, history, and cultural significance. 
  • Connect with nature and like-minded individuals who share your passion. 
  • Learn new skills in tree identification, observation, and understanding. 

Ready to join the group? 

Read one book, all the books or somewhere in between, and share your insights in the online groups. Stay tuned for updates on virtual meeting details. We encourage you to start gathering the books or borrowing them from your local library. Spread the word to your friends and family who might be interested in joining this reading journey! 

Follow us on social media for more information and connect with other participants: 

Let's embark on this exciting exploration of the world of trees together! We can't wait to connect, learn, and discover the wonders hidden within these magnificent plants. 


photo by Anita Wilkinson