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Farming Life Lessons: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Living on the edge. Hustling. Working dawn to dusk, sunup to sundown, or 24-7. Nearly every farmer uses these words to describe their life. This endless work is not surprising given that farmers must be experts in growing crops, post-harvest handling, food safety, staff management, marketing, and...
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Mini tunnel with chard

Fall and Winter Protected Culture Growing

The Persephone months are nearing! Persephone was the ancient Greek goddess of vegetation and daughter of Demeter, the goddess of nature. When Hades fell in love her he took her to the underworld to rule along side him Demeter begged Hades to allow Persephone to return to Earth. One interpretation...
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Urban Ag Connect Newsletter

I have recently started a newsletter titled the Urban Ag Connect. In addition to continuing this blog, I will be sending out this newsletter every other month. Some months the Urban Ag Connect will replace this monthly blog post as each newsletter will have a blog like entry contained...
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Master Urban Farmer Program 2017!

We are excited to announce the next Master Urban Farmer Training Program for 2017! For this round of training we will be partnering with The Children's Farm at the Center in Palos Park, IL. For more information about the MUFTP program please follow this...
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Master Urban Farmer Training Program

I am excited to announce my first original Extension program for Cook County! It is with great excitement to bring to you the Master Urban Farmer Training Program: Mission Statement: The Master Urban Farmer Training Program is designed to provide new urban farmers in Cook County...
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Crop Production Planning for a Smooth and Efficient Season

Happy Spring/Vernal Equinox! Better late than never to think about crop planning for the upcoming growing season! This post really should have been put up three months ago, but alas other programs kept me very busy and distracted. Having an action plan in place for your crop production cycle is...
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