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What to expect at the farmers market

farmers market vendors and produce

There is nothing in this world like eating truly ripe fruit, picked at the peak of nutritional freshness. You know when you bite into a truly ripe, locally grown strawberry that you are eating something special.  Oh my, I can almost taste one now! There is no comparison between a fully ripe local berry and the big hollow tasteless orbs found in our supermarkets year-round. Where can you find these luscious gems of early summer? At your farmers market---find one near you!

And it’s not only about the berries! You can find fresh, locally grown produce of all kinds brought to market and offered for sale by the farmer who grew those tasty fruits and vegetables! And there’s more! Baked goods, crafts, local meats and eggs, honey and jams and jellies ….It is amazing what you can find at your local farmers market. You need to come and see for yourself!

Not only will you be able to purchase produce at the peak of freshness, but you will also help your local economy as well! Buying local produce creates jobs, puts more money in the farmer’s pocket, and stimulates the local economy.

Have you always wanted to shop at a farmers market but were a little unsure how it all worked? When should you shop? What should you wear? What should you bring?

Join us to learn the ins and outs of shopping at the Farmers Market.  Tune into a session of Illinois Extension’s, Eat Fresh, Eat Local series.  Did you miss one of our webinars? No worries, they are all recorded and can be found on our Illinois Extension webpage here . The next webinar, July 21, will focus on preserving those fruits and vegetables found at the farmers market. Register for upcoming monthly thirty-minute webinars and find ways you can sample the season!