Whether you plan to take a project to the fair this year or if you're just exploring your project options for the future, we have a workshop for you! Each workshop is designed to give youth an opportunity to develop the skills used in different project areas. No matter what level of project youth are taking, these workshops will help them develop skills and get feedback from an expert. Each workshop is $10. Come for a few or stay all week! You can register for multiple workshops and stay all day. Lunch break will be from 11-11:45 each day. Bring a sack lunch or purchase an Avantis lunch below.

With 15 workshop options, you will be sure to find something for your youth!

Food Preservation Basics: Learn the different methods of Food Preservation and make jelly with the group!

Cake Decorating:

Robotics with Cozmo: Students will learn to explore robotics with Cozmo robots. Students will learn about Artificial Intelligence's Five Big Ideas (perception, representation & reasoning, machine-learning, human-AI Interaction) using code, games, and experiments.

Watch, Learn, Grow! Ages and Stages of Child Development: Gain a better understanding of how children develop during the infant and toddler stages. Use this understanding to keep them safe and have fun supporting their development. (best for ages 10 and up)

Money Management 101: In this workshop, students learn about what influences their spending behaviors and techniques to better manage their money habits and plan for future outcomes. Students will brainstorm strategies, create their goals, and spending plan. (best for ages 10 and up)

Head, Heart, Hands, and Hoedown: Did you know George Washington LOVED to dance and would dance all night if he could? Be like George and try dancing as he did! Join us and have fun learning some historical American and English dances.

Savor the Flavor: What exactly is flavor? In this workshop, you will use your five senses in a variety of fun experiments, which will lead you to 'savor the flavor' when eating!

Dog Therapy:

Cut it, Tie it, Snuggle it!: Learn how to make fleece blankets that you can share with your friends and family! Once you learn, you can teach others!

Draw and Discover: Frogs and Toads: Participants will study the physical characteristics of frogs and toads while creating drawings to reinforce that is learned. Their ecological importance and the call they make in the spring will also be covered in this workshop.

Bug Out for Entomology: In this workshop, youth will learn how to properly pin and exhibit insects. Attendees will pin, spread, and tweeze their invertebrate subjects in order to ignite interest in creating their own collection. (best for ages 11 and up)

Botany Boot Camp: Uncover the science of plants through hands-on activities and experiments. After learning about the parts of plants, the new budding botanists will have a better understanding of the plants we eat.

Geology: Let's ROCK...and Roll!: Discover the difference between minerals, rocks, and fossils. Experiment and explore how to categorize your rocks and determine how they were formed. Come ROCK out with us!

Circuits: During the session, students will learn about Arduino, they will create a LED circuit, and write & run a program to connect to the Kit and make the light blink. Upon completion of this work, students will connect a thermometer and write & run a program to read the room temperature.

How Do You Show a Vegetable?: Join us to learn the ins and outs of selecting and showing vegetables for the 4-H Show.


4-H encourages all youth to participate in positive youth development opportunities. Please provide information that will help us provide support for your youth. (One-on-one support, interpreter, sensory limitation, etc.)

Event Date(s)
Event Time
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
McLean County Extension Office, Bloomington, IL