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Spend summer days growing, supporting gardens with webinar series

URBANA, Ill. — Get ready to spend summer days outdoors gardening, exploring, and enjoying the growing season by adding in Four Seasons Gardening webinars beginning June 11. 

University of Illinois Extension horticulture experts will share tips for supporting the ladybug…

A collection of small Asian longhorned ticks on a leaf

Report Asian longhorned ticks to help track invasive pest that threatens livestock

URBANA, Ill. — The invasive Asian longhorned tick, which can pose a health risk for humans, animals, and livestock, has been found in Illinois for the first time. Residents of west central Illinois are advised to watch out for and report sightings of this new pest. 

The Asian…

farmers inspecting lettuce harvest

USDA grants advance urban agriculture possibilities for Chicago farmers

URBANA, Ill. — The United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency Outreach Office and Illinois FSA Office, in cooperation with University of Illinois Extension, announces an opportunity for urban farmers and producers, beginning farmers, historically underserved producers, and…

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Up close view of a calculator laying next to corn kernels and soybeans.
Determining cash rent on Illinois farmland
URBANA, Ill. — One of the most consistently asked questions to University of Illinois Extension offices across the state is, what is the going rate for cash rent for farmland? Cash rent rates are a common yet recurring question that is...
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Future forests rely on stewardship, knowledge of private landowners
FREEPORT, Ill. — A forest is many things. Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife. Their leaves clean the air, and their roots filter water, slow floods, and prevent soil erosion. Timber products are crucial to local economies and tourism. Forests and woodlands also once made up more...
Ignite youth gather in front of banner.
National leadership super summit gives teens new pathways
Washington, D.C.. – Eighteen teen leaders from across Illinois were chosen to represent Illinois 4-H at the Ignite by 4-H Summit to be held Mar. 13-17 in Washington D.C. Teens experienced four days of inspiring and engaging panels, respected speakers, workshop sessions, entertainment and...
Road Trip attendees look at a presenter.
Illinois youth attend first 4-H post-high school success conference
URBANA, Ill. — Over 140 eighth through 12th graders from across Illinois headed to the Illini Union on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus for a 4-H College and Career Road Trip. This dynamic conference was aimed at preparing Illinois youth for the journey into higher education...
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Spice-Healthcare: Dietary assessments for culturally diverse older adults
URBANA, Ill. — A cross-campus team of researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, led by Kinesiology and Community Health Assistant Professor Mina Raj, has received two grants to test an online platform designed to help dietitians, clinicians and food service personnel make...
Maria Kalaitzandonakes
Consumers across political spectrum share food pricing frustrations
URBANA, Ill. — In his State of the Union address last week, President Biden touched on a topic close to the hearts of U.S. consumers: food prices. In this election year, we can expect high food costs to come up repeatedly, with candidates from both parties invoking price gouging, shrinkflation,...
Overhead view of compost filled bin during winter.
Spring into composting by reviving a compost pile after winter
URBANA, Ill. — If you haven’t touched your compost bin or pile all winter, don’t worry, you are not alone. It could be filled with kitchen scraps to the top or left untouched since the fall. Getting a compost pile going again after the long, cold winter can be intimidating, but it is...
Darci Webber
New Extension environmental educator takes root in central Illinois
BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — When it comes to coexisting with nature, the solutions aren’t always straightforward. What do you do if your native plant landscaping attracts a family of groundhogs? How do you work with your neighbors to remove encroaching invasive species? Where can you go in town to find...
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Empower caregivers with research-based strategies to improve elder care
URBANA, Ill. — The number of older adults in the U.S. continues to rise, and the need for more caregivers comes with that. This demographic shift underscores the importance of initiatives to support caregivers and provide them with the necessary resources and assistance. ...
Pink Wall of flowers next to a hanging basket of purple petunias.
Explore the 2024 All-America Selection flower and vegetable variety winners
URBANA, Ill. — While the rain, thunderstorms, and snow replenish the soil moisture, winter can still bring the blues. To welcome the spring season, check mailboxes for the new garden catalogs and start spring garden planning. When planning, remember to leave room for the spontaneous buys when...
Two people talking, about to shake hands in a wheat field.
Considerations when hiring a farm manager
URBANA, Ill. — Managing a farm is a big job. From determining cash rent to planning the next planting or calving season, a farm manager can be an experienced asset to help when making decisions about a farm. Guessing around decision-making can cost farmers thousands in potential revenues that...

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