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Master Gardeners are hard at work re-developing the McLean County Master Gardener Speakers Bureau. Requests for educational presentations will return Spring 2022.


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To book a presentation for adult audiences, fill out the online request form.
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For youth audiences, contact Brittnay Haag.

Our Speakers Bureau provides engaging horticultural presentations to adult audiences, free of charge (except when noted for workshop materials). All speakers are Master Gardener volunteers who have completed over 60 hours of training from University of Illinois Extension, plus years of personal gardening experience.

Presentations are a minimum of 20 minutes, though most topics can be modified to fill more time. Speakers may accept mileage reimbursement, or donations may be made to McLean County Extension.

The Master Gardeners are happy to present the topics listed to community groups in McLean County. If you have a need for a specific topic that is not listed, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request.

Birds, Butterflies, and Bees


When it comes to pollination, honey bees get a majority of the attention. However, many insects play a role in pollination. This presentation will discuss different native pollinators and how to make your landscape attractive to them.

Monarch Butterflies
Help the threatened monarch butterflies flourish. Learn how to create a monarch Way Station with milkweed and other nectar-rich flowers to provide food for the caterpillars and butterflies. Monarchs need your support!

Flowering Plants


Tips for Growing Bearded and Siberian Irises
Bearded and Siberian irises are sure to add interest to your spring garden. Learn how to plant, maintain and propagate these favorite spring perennials.

High on Hydrangeas
There is a hydrangea (or 2!) for every garden. Explore the various types of hydrangeas and learn more growing information and pruning tips for this beloved plant. This presentation just may answer the often-asked question, “Why doesn’t my hydrangea bloom?”

Bulbs, Basics, Myths & Bees
Explore the world of bulbs: the myths & truths of planting bulbs. Proper planting techniques and depths, along with care and maintenance of them for years to come.

Theme Gardens


Health Benefits of Gardening
Time in the garden clears thoughts and decompresses our mind. Tension is released as the weed bucket fills up. Basic principles of therapeutic horticulture, current research, and practicalities for everyday gardeners will be shared.

Container Garden Techniques
Container gardens are perfect for the porch, patio, deck or entrance to your home. Master Gardeners will share designs, growing tips and lots of ideas for using flowers, tropicals, succulents, foliage, veggies and more in your next container garden.

Succulents: Striking, Simple & Successful
Looking for gorgeous, low-maintenance selections for your container gardens? Find out about easy-care succulents that add color and texture, have sassy names and are easy to propagate.

Herb Gardening
Herbs are versatile plants used for fragrances, cooking, or spicing up a landscape. Learn to grow, preserve and use a variety of culinary herbs. Make them accessible, useful and fun!



Companion Vegetable Gardening
Find the perfect partners for your vegetables. Learn which plants bring good insect helpers (or repel evil ones!) and which plants will improve your soil or help your garden vegetables flourish.

Raised Bed Gardening
Learn how to use above ground growing systems for producing your favorite backyard veggies. Methods to increase production and maximize your space, learn recommended growing media & fertilization, plus construction material options are reviewed.

Cool Seasons Veggies
Don’t miss out on the spring and fall harvest from you vegetable garden, learn how to get more through early and late season planting.

Other Topics Available!


All About the McLean County Master Gardener Program
Get the inside scoop on Master Gardeners and how they give back to their community. Learn about our local projects, community partners, and youth programs. See all the ways we strive to meet our mission, “Helping Others Learn to Grow” in McLean County.

Also Currently Available:

  • Seed Starting
  • Roses
  • Tree Pruning
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Minimizing Garden Work
  • Language of Flowers
  • Fairy Gardens
  • If you need a specific topic that is not listed, let us know and we will try to accommodate your request!