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Our Illinois 4-H Story 2023

Food insecurity and cold weather

As the holiday season comes to a close, it is important to remember the ongoing needs of people struggling with Food Insecurity. Cold weather is a growing strain on families, making it even harder than normal to keep everyone fed.  In the spirit of continued giving, consider donating to local food pantries. Non-perishable food is still preferable, despite the ready access to refrigeration brought by winter weather. As always, be sure to donate highly nutritious and delicious foods that are...
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Teaching kids effective goal-setting

The New Year is frequently a time when adults do some personal goal setting through resolutions of all sorts. This time of year also presents a great opportunity to teach kids this important skill. Setting and working towards goals helps kids to develop self-control, persistence and responsibility, and according to Sue Shellenbarger of The Wall Street Journal, “a student's ability to set and achieve realistic goals is linked to higher grades, lower college-dropout rates and greater well-being...
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Sustainable seeds: That's 4-H

The bounty of the harvest. Many of us interpret this to be the ending point of nature’s annual cycle. We know that winter is here and only the warm spring sun can signal the start of another cycle. But the seed that sprouts next spring is already here. And this seed needs winter; it needs nurturing and time; there is no end to this cycle. Nature not only yielded the immediate short-term bounty of fruit, but it also provided us with tiny packages which truly represent our hope for a prosperous...
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