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Over the Garden Fence 2023

holly, mistletoe, pinecones, and greenery

Holly, mistletoe, and holiday traditions

During the holidays, there are a few plants that seem ubiquitous, even if only during the month of December. But have you ever wondered why we “deck the halls with boughs of holly” or kiss under the mistletoe? Holly Holly (Ilex sp.) is a group of almost 500 species of both deciduous and...
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cranberry plant

Spice up your November with cranberries

October just left us with blistery cold snowy reminder that the growing season is over. Now we can turn our focus to our families, friends, and neighbors to celebrate the holidays together. When I think of November two things come to my mind - turkeys and cranberries. Americans consume nearly 400...
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bluebell flowers

Plants that are made for the shade

Many people struggle to grow plants in the shade. I’ve often heard, “Nothing will grow there!” Never fear, though, there’s a plant for every space. Learn your conditions You wouldn’t put a fish in the desert and expect it to survive. Plants, too, have preferred environments. A...
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rocks painted to look like strawberries

Planting and protecting strawberries

Summer is the prime time to enjoy the sweet treat of strawberries (Fragaria species). While we’re approaching the Fourth of July, believe it or not, there is still time now to plant them for future enjoyment. Plan your patch June-bearing strawberries provide one large crop of bigger berries and...
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spotted moth on leaf

Protecting pollinators: Beyond bees

Approximately 35% of our food crops depend on pollinators to produce what we like to eat, according to the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service. Everyone knows that honeybees are excellent pollinators, but they’re not the only ones visiting our flowers. While honeybees were imported from...
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watering can sprinkling water on red flowers

Summer garden tips for watering plants

Summer is in full swing, even if we still have to break out the light jackets in the evenings.  It’s so nice to see my flower beds really starting to hit their stride.  The first coreopsis is peeking out with the promise of a spectacular show in a week or two.  The coneflower heads are showing the...
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