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Everyone's Mental Health Matters

Fence with signs saying Don't Give Up, You are not Alone, You Matter

When most people think of health, more than likely they think of it in the physical sense. Questions that normally come to mind include - Why do I feel sick? What part of my body hurts? Did I pull a muscle? Why is my stomach upset? Are the results to my blood work or recent screenings normal? Well, health, as you may already know, encompasses more than physical health. How a person feels, thinks, and acts are important components of health, particularly mental health.   Although always important, mental health has taken the spotlight this past year, and with good reason.

Regardless of age, a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being can impact their interactions and connections with others, their productivity, and their mood. In an effort to help communities understand more about mental health, Illinois Extension’s community health team has developed the Everyone’s Mental Health Matters website which is available in English and Spanish. Through this website, the community health team strives to enlighten others on different aspects of mental health and provide resources, tools, and strategies to address challenges they or someone they know might be facing. Viewers can read on various mental health issues, stress, lifestyle choices that can impact mental health, how it manifests in different populations, recommended relaxation techniques, resilience, social and emotional health as well as learn about local, national, and audience-specific resources. Feel free to peruse this new resource and share it with others!