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Fearless Financial Future

Big decisions - you might be fatigued: New Family Financial Feuds podcast episode!

"Family Financial Feuds" and "Big Decisions: You might be fatigued" text across top. Below text is a drawing of a shopping cart.

What do you consider a major purchase? When do you think it is the right time to buy a big-ticket item? Responses to these questions may vary based on our interpretations. However, in difficult financial times, our approach may be different. While we are still making money decisions during this economic downturn, we also may be cautious and conscious about how we spend our dollars. A central goal of our podcast is to find ways to address feuds that arise. In our most recent episode of Family Financial Feuds, Camaya Wallace Bechard and Kathy Sweedler discussed making big purchases during difficult financial times, such as an economic downturn. To hear our latest discussion and find more information on some of your favorite personal finance topics, follow us on SoundCloud