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Credit Scores Revealed

Let's Talk Money
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A useful guide to better understand credit scores. 

Why is credit such a mystery? What's the difference between a credit score, credit report, and credit history? Learn this and more!

Presenters: Emily Harmon and Jamie Mahlandt, Extension Financial Educators

About the series: Let's Talk Money

Gain the financial knowledge and confidence to talk with family, friends, and financial professionals about money. Often, a lack of financial knowledge and uneasiness about discussing sensitive issues keep people from having crucial conversations to improve their financial health. Take proactive steps to improve your overall economic well-being by joining any or all the free “Let’s Talk Money” webinars in the 7-week series led by University of Illinois Extension Financial Educators Emily Harmon and Jamie Mahlandt.

Check out the full series.

Who Are You with Money? | Noon June 6

The first step to controlling your money is matching your values and goals to your financial decision-making. In this interactive workshop, assess who you are with money and where you want to be in the future.

How Much is Too Much Debt? | Noon June 13

Deciding when and how much credit to use depends on the financial situation. Discover different scenarios when you might use credit and learn options for borrowing money from creditors.

Fair Access to Credit | Noon June 20

Not all individuals and families have the same access to credit. While consumer laws offer protection from discrimination, this problem still affects many consumers. In this webinar, we will explore some of the challenges of obtaining credit as well as unfair lending practices that create barriers to accessing the mainstream credit market.

Debt Repayment Strategies | Noon June 27

Repaying debt is challenging in the best of situations, and today's economic conditions make it more difficult. Learn tried-and-true strategies for prioritizing debt repayment and paying it down effectively. Explore options for student loan repayment too.

Secrets for Financial Success | Noon July 18

Money comes in. Money goes out. Do you have money left for your important goals and wants? Learn the secrets of directing your money to where you want it to go.

Make Your Savings Grow | Noon July 25

Do you feel alone in your struggle to save? People at all income levels encounter different challenges with saving money for unexpected events and long-term financial goals. Learn how to overcome those challenges and find practical ways to help you grow and maintain healthy saving behaviors.

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