Natural Resources Specialties

Eliana Brown, Water Quality Specialist based in Urbana.
Green infrastructure; rain gardens; nutrient loss reduction.

Rachel Curry, Watershed Outreach Associate based in Galva
Nutrient loss reduction; soil health; cover crops; watershed planning

Peggy Doty, Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy educator based in Sycamore
Wildlife management; wildlife/human interactions; environmental education (youth & adult); large pond ecology; prairie restoration; native landscapes; rainfall management

Brodie Dunn, State Pollinator Coordinator based in Urbana
Pollinators and other beneficial insects. watershed planning

Duane Friend, State Master Naturalist and Climate Change Specialist based in Jacksonville
State Master Naturalist Coordinator.  Climate and weather; soil health; composting; farm pond management; septic system management

Abigail Garofalo, Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy educator based in Westchester
Environmental education; conservation landscape practices

Erin Garrett, Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy educator based in Anna
Native plants; grass identification (non-lawn grasses); pollinators; invasive species; smart grid/smart meter technology; energy efficiency

Nicole Haverback, Watershed Outreach Associate based in Effingham
Nutrient loss reduction; soil health; cover crops; watershed planning

Stanley (Jay) Solomon, Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy educator based in Freeport
Renewable energy; livestock management including nutrient management, grazing, mortality management, and facilities; home energy efficiency, water quality; invasive species; rainwater management

Forestry Experts

Forestry Specialties

Chris Evans, Forestry Extension and Research Specialist based at Dixon Springs Agricultural Center in Simpson
Forestry; forest health/pests; invasive species; herbicides; plant identification; and wildlife

Jay Hayek, Extension Forestry Specialist based in Urbana
Forestry; forest management; timber harvesting / forest products; chainsaw safety; reforestation techniques; prescribed fire; and tree identification

Horticulture Experts


Horticulture Specialties

Candice Anderson, State Master Gardener Specialist based in Decatur.
State Master Gardener Coordinator.  Ornamental Horticulture; flower gardening.

Gemini Bhalsod, Horticulture educator based in Arlington Heights
Ornamental Horticulture; Vegetable Gardening; Soil Issues; Invasive Plant Species; Illinois Native Plants; integrated pest management (IPM)

Bruce Black, Horticulture educator based in Sterling
Vegetable gardening; small fruit; tree fruits; propagation/micropropagation; community gardens; youth and school horticulture/gardens

German Cutz, Horticulture educator based in Arlington Heights
Food production, urban agriculture, sustainable gardening, home gardening, and agribusiness.

Christopher Enroth, Horticulture educator based in Macomb
Green infrastructure; ornamental horticulture; lawns; trees; season extension; vegetable gardening

Mary Fischer, Horticulture educator based in Effingham
Landscape design; ornamental horticulture;backyard and community food production; youth education; drone use.

Jennifer Fishburn, Horticulture educator based in Springfield
Vegetable gardening; herb gardening; landscape design; native plants; woody ornamentals

Nicole Flowers-Kimmerle, horticulture educator based in Lewistown
Weed science; integrated pest management.

Brittnay Haag, Horticulture educator based in Bloomington
Youth gardening; herbaceous ornamentals; ornamental horticulture

Andrew Holsinger, Horticulture educator based in Hillsboro
Tree fruit culture; plant identification; pruning techniques; ornamental horticulture; vegetable gardening; woody ornamentals

Ken Johnson, Horticulture educator based in Jacksonville
Entomology/insects; integrated pest management (IPM); Plant disease; fruit and vegetable gardening/production; pollinators; beneficial insects (predators, parasitoids, etc.)

Nancy Kreith, Horticulture educator based in Matteson
Landscape design; native plants; woody and herbaceous plants; vegetable gardening; soils and composting; insects

Christina Lueking, Horticulture educator based in Salem
Community gardens, herb gardening, cut flower gardening, high tunnel production, backyard greenhouse, pollinators, native plant pollinator plots, green roof infrastructure

Ryan Pankau, Horticulture educator based in Champaign
Arboriculture and forestry; ornamental horticulture; vegetable gardening; wildlife habitat restoration; native plants; integrated pest management

Kimberly Rohling, Horticulture educator based in Murphysboro
Home gardening; birdscaping; wildlife-friendly gardening; invasive species; and integrated pest management (IPM).

Emily Swihart, Horticulture educator based in Milan
Urban trees and woodland management, native plant ecosystems, cut flower production.

Sarah Vogel, Horticulture educator based in Decatur
Annuals and perennials; greenhouse production; landscaping; urban forest management