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Certification exam preparation: tips and accommodations

test answer sheet and pencil

Taking a test can be stressful, but with the right guidance and state of mind, you can set yourself up to be better prepared. The University of Illinois Pesticide Safety Education Program has created a publication to help make the process easier. Forty-five bulleted, specific tips spanning 4 pages are provided that cover:

  • Preparing yourself for the exam
  • Overall test-taking strategy
  • Answering exam questions
  • Calming your nerves
  • After the test

This guide can be especially helpful for new hires, those who haven’t tested in a while, or really anyone who fears the thought of having to take a test and could use a little support.  You can find this publication on our website under the Resources tab.

Also, for those who require additional assistance during test time, please be aware that the Illinois Department of Agriculture can make reasonable accommodations such as but not limited to reading the exam, providing a sign language interpreter, or extending the needed time for an exam. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, any testing attendee requiring reasonable accommodation should notify the Illinois Department of Agriculture (800) 641-3934 of specific needs at least three weeks prior to any testing session. They are happy to assist if you ask and give them plenty of notice.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michelle Wiesbrook provides subject matter expertise and training in pesticide safety with an emphasis on horticultural weed science. She serves as the Illinois Pesticide Review newsletter editor, collecting and organizing material; and co-coordinates social media information for the PSEP program and ensures its timely publication. Her other interests include herbicide injury and invasive species.