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Plan Well, Retire Well

Finding financial balance

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Money is a topic that impacts almost everyone. Learning what you value and how to balance your individual wants and needs with your available financial resources can impact your overall personal financial well-being.

Many people are not feeling comfortable with their finances at the present time as we are experiencing such high levels of inflation. Take this time of discomfort to investigate your finances and see where changes may benefit your current and future circumstances. Recent studies have been researching the link between money and happiness. Finding the right balance of enjoying life today while saving for the future may improve life satisfaction. Saving money can increase financial security, which is linked to higher well-being.

Creating a financial consciousness or awareness is a great place to start finding your financial balance. Understanding your inclinations toward money and spending may provide insight into making behavioral changes to avoid falling into spending habits that do not provide the expected value.

Improving financial well-being is challenging and requires commitment. As a Financial Educator at the University of Illinois Extension, I hope to support those interested in finding their financial balance and improving their overall well-being. With a focus on financial literacy and financial decision-making tools, I strive to make this a worthwhile journey toward financial well-being. I look forward to providing research-based information that supports you in taking the next step.

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Meet the Author


Jamie Mahlandt is a Financial Educator for Bond, Clinton, Jefferson, Marion, and Washington counties in Southern Illinois. She provides financial education to the local community with an emphasis on financial literacy and financial well-being.