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Discover Healthy Aging Series: Someday is Today - Live Your Bucket List

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Discover Healthy Aging

The University of Illinois Extension is pleased to present the “Discover Healthy Aging Series,” a free, weekly webinar meant to encourage and enhance the aging process using research-based information and tips to make small changes that have a positive impact. Lead by the Extension Family Life team of educators, this series targets the aging population, though it’s never too early to practice living well. The series is free, and registration is required.

Current webinar

Someday is Today - Live Your Bucket List | September 24 | 10 AM CST

The Healthy Aging series wraps up with a tactile way to encourage living life to the fullest by addressing the “one of these days,” “When things slow down,” and dreams on the back burner while “life happens.”  A bucket list is simply a list of things you’d like to do in your lifetime. Simple in theory, but the point is often missed. Family Life Team Educators Chelsey Byers and Karla Belzer challenge you to actually put those big goals and dreams down on paper and actively pursue your interests live your life to the fullest, one bucket list item at a time.

More webinars in this series

I’m Positive, I’m Aging | September 3 | 10 AM CST

What is the secret to successful aging? In the first webinar of four, participants explore the characteristics of positive aging through discussion on ageism and the many surprising similarities of older and younger generations. Through these discussions, Family Life Team Educators Cheri Burcham and Tessa Hobbs Curley aim to stress the importance of positivity infused lifestyle choices, friendships and attitudes in healthy aging.

Looking for the Funny Side of Life | September 10 | 10 AM CST

When is the last time you laughed a hearty, sidesplitting belly laugh? According to this article from Mayo Clinic, humor has both physical and psychological health benefits. Think of the last time you laughed so hard it hurt - it’s medicine for the soul. Family Life Team Educators Tessa Hobbs Curley and Chelsey Byers will demonstrate ways to use humor to cope with stress and changes in life. 

Finding Your Get Up and Go | September 17 | 10 AM CST

Most everyone has days, or seasons of life, where it’s hard to find motivation to accomplish tasks. Will Rogers once said, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." Family Life Team Educators Karla Belzer and Molly Hofer will help listeners hone in on what causes those motivational ups and downs, and give ideas on how to boost enthusiasm and increase productivity.