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Identifying Signs to Prevent Diabetes

October 20 | Noon CST

Are you at risk for developing diabetes? Acknowledging possible signs and symptoms of pre-diabetes can help you make important life changes today. Join University of Illinois Extension nutrition and wellness educator Mary Liz Wright to learn to identify risk factors for pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Your time is now; empower yourself to change your future and reduce your risk for diabetes. Develop a new and healthy taste of life because it matters. 

If an accommodation is needed to participate in the program, please email Susan Glassman at Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet access needs.

About the Workshop Series
Preventing Diabetes: Enjoy the Healthy Taste of Life

Eighty-eight million people age 18 or older have pre-diabetes, yet approximately 90% don’t realize they have it. Reducing your risk for pre-diabetes can prevent type 2 diabetes and future health problems. In a two-part series, you'll identify risks for pre-diabetes and how to reverse, prevent, or delay type 2 diabetes. Discover strategies to eat well, reduce stress, increase physical activity, and sleep soundly. Plus, our live cooking demonstrations will empower you to start making healthy changes in the kitchen. The series is free and offered online. Preventing Diabetes, Enjoy the Healthy Taste of Life.

Wellness Strategies to Prevent Diabetes

November 10 | Noon CST

Let’s bust the myths surrounding diabetes and work on skill power! Recognize the importance of reducing your risk through simple-to-do wellness strategies and develop personal goals to living a heartier lifestyle. Learn how to swap bad recipes for healthy ones, enjoy great tastes, and live life to the fullest. PresenterSusan Glassman, Nutrition and Wellness Extension Educator.