A private pesticide applicator's license is required for anyone using Restricted Use pesticides to produce an agricultural commodity on property they own or control. Applicants must attempt a private applicator examination and obtain a score of at least 70% correct once every three years.

If you have questions about the test or licensing, please contact the Illinois Department of Agriculture at (217) 785-2427 (voice and TDD). For study materials or for questions about this testing location, call the University of Illinois Extension office at 309-663-8306, or stop by the address listed above.

Persons applying General or Restricted Use pesticide in the course of employment must be licensed by the Department of Agriculture as a commercial pesticide applicator.

The fee for a private pesticide applicator license is $30. Payment is made by mail after the completion of the test. If a license is destroyed or lost, a duplicate license can be obtained from the Department by contacting our Springfield office at (217) 785-2427. The fee for a duplicate license is $5.