Learning How to Use an Outdoor Grill | Kitchen Companions

Nothing beats the taste of summer grilling!

If you haven't mastered the art of outdoor grilling yet, Extension is here to help! Join Nutrition and Wellness educator Jenna Smith at the Eureka Public Library to learn the ins and outs of outdoor grilling, just in time to impress your family over the 4th of July! You’ll learn how to grill a variety of foods, as well as brush up on grill safety. Participants will also get to sample the food that is prepared and take home a packet of recipes.

The cost to attend this program is $3 and registration is required. To register, call the Eureka Public Library at (309) 467-2922.

Upcoming programs:

August 25 | Learning to Use an Air Fryer

Deep fat frying is out. Air frying is in. Air frying is all the rage right now, but learning how to use your new air fryer can feel overwhelming. Explore how to use an air fryer while also learning about the possible health benefits to using this appliance. You will watch a food demonstration, as well as receive recipes and tips on purchasing, frying, and cleaning the air fryer.

October 13 | Learning to Use a Slow Cooker

Are you unsure of what meals you can create with your slow cooker? Slow cookers are a versatile cooking appliance, so don't leave yours at the bottom of your cabinet gathering dust. Learn how to save time by using your slow cooker to produce a variety of delicious family-friendly meals. Plus, you will get to take home a packet of recipes, and enjoy some slow cooker tastings!

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